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Hearing Aid Styles

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Fitting a Receiver Behind the Ear Hearing Aid

Style to suit your lifestyle

There are lots of options available to suit your lifestyle and budget from the original: Behind the Ear solution to In the Ear, Receiver in the Ear and the latest Completely in the Ear solutions.

Our audiology specialist will recommend the hearing aid styles that are most suitable for your type of hearing loss. There are a number of colours available to match your skin or hair colour, which can make wearing hearing aids very discreet and often less noticeable than wearing glasses.

Hearing aid styles and features:

Bernafon Juna 9 Hook BTE – Behind the Ear Hearing Aid

Behind the Ear – the original hearing aid style.

It’s a classic for a reason. This style continues to provide great results; it’s:

  • The most popular on the market
  • Known for it’s durability, reliability, performance and comfort
  • Much more discreet than it’s ever been
  • Provides great entry level solutions
  • And is up with the play with some models featuring wireless technology!

Bernafon Juna 9 CICP (Completely in the Canal Power) – Completely in the Ear Hearing AidsIn the Ear – a fashionable choice and practical solution for clients who are not able to wear Behind the Ear hearing aids.

In the Ear hearing aids are:

  • Great for people with glasses, oxygen, arthritis or clumsy hands, as they’re big enough to handle
  • Women and men who want a discreet solution
  • People who have struggled with the physiological loss of their hearing
  • Also connective with some options featuring wireless technology

Bernafon Juna 9 85 Speaker (no Dome) - Receiver in the Ear Hearing AidReceiver in the Ear – the best of both worlds.

This style combines the benefits of Behind the Ear and Completely in the Ear products. It’s great for:

  • Outdoor conditions and windy environments
  • Superior comfort and natural experience



Bernafon Juna 9 IIC (Invisible in the Ear Canal) – Completely in the Ear Hearing AidsCompletely in the Ear – great for the outdoors.

As the name suggests, this style sits Completely in the Ear and requires your ear canal to be a certain length, which does reduce the number of people who can wear these types of aids. It offers:

  • Superior sound in windy environments
  • The most discreet appearance
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