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It’s your choice, so why would you limit your options?

We believe that you should have choice, that’s another reason why we’re independent.

As an independent hearing clinic, we’re pretty lucky because we’re able to stock the best brands for our clients needs. We can offer our clients a much greater range of products than other audiologists, who are restricted to a small number of brands.

And, just because we’re small doesn’t mean that you’re disadvantaged. We only provide good quality hearing aids that we’d be happy for our own family to use.

Our Range of Hearing Aid Products and Styles – BTE, CIC, RTE, CITE

Our brands

You have the option of choosing from all of the top hearing aid companies in New Zealand. We find the best products that meet our clients needs from companies such as:

We have a great relationship with all of our suppliers and meet with the reps on a regular basis, so that we’re up to date with the latest products and hearing technology available.

All companies have a range of products and excellent hearing aids. You’ll be surprised at the technology available and the solution doesn’t have to be expensive either. Our products are designed for all budgets. Funding is also available for most people and is something that we can help you with.

Our independence also means that, if you have a brand or style of hearing aid that you’d prefer, we can organise this for you too.

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