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Funding Applications

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Work and Income New Zealand and the Ministry of Health provide a number of funding options that can make your hearing aids much more affordable and achievable.

Financial assistance and support is available and, the good news is, you may qualify for help from The Ministry of Health and Accessable regardless of how much you earn.

This information explains the options that you can apply for.

NZ Money for Hearing Aids

Work and Income New Zealand financial assistance

WINZ provide financial support for some of their clients who receive a benefit and need additional assistance to purchase a hearing aid.

Applying for WINZ funding can be very simple. We guide our clients through the process, take care of the application, and provide the client with a quote at the time of their hearing test. The hearing aid quote is then submitted to their WINZ case manager. If the application is approved, WINZ will pay us directly. No immediate payment or deposit for the hearing aid is required from the client. In most cases, WINZ will deduct a small installment from the client’s benefit each fortnight as agreed. All going well, our client can be fitted with a new hearing aid within 2 weeks.

If you think you could be eligible for WINZ support and need hearing aids, please book a full audiology assessment with us. Our clinicians will evaluate your hearing loss and be able to advise you on the best solution for your lifestyle, communication requirements and financial needs.

Ministry of Health / Accessable subsidies

Together, The Ministry of Health and Accessable offer two funding options for people who suffer from hearing loss. You could be eligible for one of these options:

It’s important to note that you will only be granted assistance for one scheme and not many. We can provide you with information based on your individual circumstances and type of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme

The Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme is the most common funding option and provides $511.11 (including GST) per hearing aid to adults (over the age of 16) who have a permanent hearing loss and need a hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Funding Scheme

The Ministry of Health also offer a Hearing Aid Funding Scheme. This scheme covers the cost of hearing aids and is available to those who:

  • Have had a significant hearing loss from childhood, or
  • Have hearing loss and a significant visual impairment (for example, Deafblind); or hearing loss and an intellectual disability or a physical disability that limits their ability to communicate safely and effectively, or
  • Have a Community Services Card and are:
    • In paid employment for 30 hours per week or more, or
    • A registered job seeker seeking paid employment, or
    • Doing voluntary work (more than 20 hours per week), or
    • Studying full time, or
    • Caring full time for a dependent person.

Both subsidies are available for all New Zealand citizens living in New Zealand or permanent residents and can be applied for once every six years. The advantage of these schemes is that they aren’t income tested, so most clients do qualify.

We believe that hearing aids should be accessible for everyone, why should you miss out?

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