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Hearing Aid and Recreation Moulds

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Noise induced hearing loss is permanent and can’t be repaired, so it’s crucial that you look after the health of your ears in loud environments.

Our custom earmoulds are designed to optimise and protect your hearing.

We use durable and long lasting materials that ensure comfort and protection for anyone, from people with hearing aids to grounds keepers, machinery workers, hunters, musicians, swimmers and surfers.

Custom Ear Moulds for Communication Earpiece

Hearing aid moulds

Behind the Ear, In the Ear and Completely In the Ear hearing aids, require hearing aid moulds. If you decide to purchase one of these styles from us, we’ll need to take an impression of your ear and a mould will be tailor made to fit your ear snuggly.

It’s important that your mould continues to fit your ear well as this influences your overall sound quality. It’s common that your moulds will need to be reassessed and possibly replaced every 2 – 4 years. This is because the shape of your ear is constantly changing due to factors such as weight loss, weight gain and growth – even for those over 60 years old.

Hearing protection moulds

The most common cause of hearing loss in New Zealand is due to noise exposure. Loud noises, even one-off noise exposure can damage your ears. It’s worthwhile considering custom protection moulds if you’re frequently exposed to noise.

Our hearing protection moulds are made with high-quality silicone that absorb and create an effective barrier to optimise or block sound. The materials that we use cater for a range of activities:

  • Solid protection moulds – suitable for operating machinery and are designed to eliminate sound.
  • Acoustic or Music moulds – reduce overall sound without compromising on acoustic quality.
  • Water protection – excellent for swimmers, divers and surfers who need protection against ear disease and infection while in the water.
  • Communication earpieces – designed for the media, performers and communication teams who use earpieces for devices such as smartphones, radios and tele-communications. These moulds are made with hard acrylic.

Solid Ear Moulds for Hearing ProtectionAcoustic Ear Moulds for MusiciansWater Protection Ear Moulds for Swimming
Solid Protection, Acoustic or Music Protection, Water Protection

All of our hearing protection moulds are individually tailor made. To do this, we take an impression of your ear. If you think you’d benefit from a hearing protection mould please phoneemail us, or make an appointment online.

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