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Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids have long been associated with age and getting old. And yes, while age can be a contributing factor, it also isn’t the only cause for hearing loss.

The hardest step for most of our clients is to make an appointment. Once this is made, the rest is easy.
Our Hearing Aids – Bernafon Juna 9 85 Speaker

Our hearing aids

As an independent hearing clinic, we believe in offering our clients choice. We stock an extensive range of hearing aids from all of the top hearing aid companies in New Zealand including: Bernafon, GN Resound, Hansaton, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens and Unitron and can source any brand or model, if you have a particular hearing aid already in mind.

You’ll be surprised at the unlimited technology, accessories and style options available.

Here are some commonly asked questions to help identify if you may need hearing aids:

  • Do your family and friends mumble?
  • Do you sometimes miss the phone ringing or have trouble understanding people on the phone?
  • Do you often hear people but don’t understand what they are saying?
  • Do you find it harder to hear in noisy situations with groups of people?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding people unless they are facing you?
  • Does your family tell you to turn down the TV frequently?

If this sounds like you, or someone close to you, the first step is to come and see us for a hearing test. A hearing assessment is a simple way to learn more about the health of your ears and what can be done to help. Please phone or book online.

We also explain our process, prices and guarantee throughout our website, as well as offer more information about our services, hearing loss and Tinnitus.

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