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Hearing Tests

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Heidi Examining the Ear Canal of a Client Using an Otoscope

A hearing test is the fastest and simplest way of identifying if you have a problem with your hearing. Your hearing loss may even be as simple as wax build up.

Our hearing specialist can recommend the most appropriate test for you. We have two options:

Basic screening assessment: 15 minutes – Free

This is a basic 15 minute screening assessment that is used to evaluate any physical signs of hearing loss. An otoscope is used to look into your ears and assess your middle ear health. We also perform a simple ear screening test to establish your hearing responses. If you show signs of hearing loss, we recommend that you book a full audiology assessment to identify the full nature of your condition.

Full audiology assessment: 1 hour – $65

A full audiology assessment is highly recommended for all of our clients. This assessment provides in-depth information from a series of tests and evaluates your history and current ear health. We will:

  • Discuss your problem areas, symptoms and concerns
  • Evaluate the medical history of you and your family
  • Examine your middle ear using an otoscope
  • Conduct a series of tests to establish:
    • The nature and region of your hearing loss – outer, middle or inner ear
    • The extent and configuration of your hearing loss – one or both ears

From these results we can determine the best treatment options or refer you onto a specialist for further investigations if we identify that that’s necessary.

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