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Insurance Claims

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We have a relationship with many insurance companies.

We’re happy to assist all clients regardless of whether you’ve purchased your original hearing aids from us or not.

Have you lost or damaged your hearing aids?

Hearing aids are usually covered under your contents insurance, so if you lose or damage your current hearing aids, all is not lost; you maybe able to make a claim.

Making a claim

You’ll need to contact your insurance company and provide us with the name of the company you’re insured under and your claim number. Some insurance companies may direct you to their preferred supplier however, this is entirely your choice and you can purchase your hearing aids from us. We make this process easy by:

  1. Assessing your prescription
    If your hearing aids are relatively new, we can simply reorder the same model. Otherwise, we recommend that your hearing is tested again and will discuss, which hearing aids will work best for your current prescription.
  2. Finalise your claim application for approval by your insurance company
  3. Order your new hearing aids
  4. Program and fit your new hearing aids
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