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Repairs and Maintenance

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We continue to care for you and your hearing aids long after you buy them.

Our hearing aid repairs and maintenance service ensures that your hearing aid is reliable and continues to provide you with clear sound.

Replacing a hearing aid tube as part of our hearing aid maintenance service

Our maintenance service can repair:

  • Damaged tubing
  • Earmould blockages
  • Open battery compartments
  • Dirty or corroded battery contacts
  • Clogged sound outlets
  • Blocked microphones
  • Broken faceplates

Most hearing aid repairs can be completed in-house and in many cases, same-day repairs are possible. Please call us to discuss the problem that you’re having and we’ll book your service to ensure that you don’t have to go without your hearing aid for too long.

We’ll occasionally need to send your hearing aid away to the manufacturer and recommend that we do this on a day when you won’t be relying on your hearing aid too much.

Common signs that your hearing aid needs a service:

  • Whistling – you, or your family, may have noticed that your hearing aid is making a whistling sound
  • Static or fuzzy sound – this could be due to moisture within the hearing aid
  • Reduced output – the clarity of your sound maybe zero or less than normal
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