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About Simply Hearing

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Our story

Simply Hearing was established by Heidi Armstrong and inspired by the belief that private healthcare can be affordable for everyday people and facilitate the needs of our entire community. Our business is centred around the needs of our clients and helping them to live life more confidently. We specialise in hearing aids and provide a full range of audiology services throughout the greater Wanganui District.

We’re proud of the personal service and ongoing support that our expert clinicians continue to offer. Our clinic is located at 35 Dublin Street, Wanganui and offers a clean, welcoming and caring environment that our clients can trust and feel comfortable in.

Understanding hearing loss

For those of you who are concerned about a loved one, you may have already noticed the isolation, embarrassment and loss of confidence that hearing loss can cause.

More importantly, if you’re affected by hearing loss you should know that we can help – you’re not alone. Hearing loss effects more than 380,000 New Zealanders and our hearing specialists will find a solution for you.

Client Discussing Hearing Concerns with Simply Hearing Specialist, Heidi

What makes us different

We’re local and independent. We’re privileged to offer an independent service that is centred around the individual needs of our clients, not us.

We’ve developed a client-first approach

Our clients enjoy the benefits of seeing the same dedicated hearing specialist at each of their appointments. It’s this continuity of care that enables us to get to know our clients on a personal level, understand the challenges they face and prescribe the best solution for their needs.

Community focussed

Our focus on improving the health of our community continually drives us to provide hearing aid solutions that enable everyday people to take back control.

We believe in choice

We’ve been able to create a rare service offering and provide a full range of hearing products without being governed by a corporate body or restricted to a few brands. We select the hearing aid companies that we work with and offer the same choice to our clients. We only provide the best brands on the market – Bernafon, GN Resound, Hansaton, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens and Unitron.


We’re not here to sell our products; we’re here to listen to our clients concerns and establish if they’d benefit from hearing aids. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a personalised service and honest advice.

We don’t charge the earth

Our clients are often surprised that hearing aids are much more affordable than they thought. There are also several funding options available and most of our clients qualify for these. Our product range includes good quality brands for low-income earners right the way through to our more expensive solutions that feature the latest technology. There really isn’t any reason to put up with hearing loss.

Our guarantee

We appreciate that hearing aids can be a big step for some people, that’s why we offer all of our clients a 60 day hearing aid trial. This gives our clients time to adjust to their hearing aids and provides comfort that their investment is worthwhile. If you’d like to know more about this you can view our guarantee information.

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